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Net Testing

Net Testing

Arnet is a FASET member company. We follow a strict testing and maintenance regime in accordance with the new British Standard BS 8411:2007 ­– “Code of practice for safety nets on construction sites and other works” Section 7 “Care and maintenance of safety nets”.

In addition, and unlike our competitors, we have purchased M350-5 CX Universal Tester testing equipment, allowing for the first time measurement of both energy and force. This shown up manufacturing defects in new batches of safety nets from a leading supplier, and these have been returned for further testing by the manufacturer.

Arnet offers a complete package for testing, inspection and repair of your safety nets to meet current legislation. We are also trained and approved safety net repairers for the majority of manufacturers in the UK.

FASET guidelines state that all new safety nets purchased after January 2008 must carry a repair tag on all repairs. High Access Solutions ensure that all repairs are ‘tagged’ with a Repair Tag showing who and when the repair was carried out and logged into our database.